Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Arewa Consultative Forum Condemned Christmas Day Blast

The umbrella organisation of all Northern socio-cultural associations, Arewa Consultative Forum, ACF, Monday, condemned Christmas Day’s bomb blasts in some churches in the North, warning that the attack was capable of causing religious crises which would serve nobody any good in the country.

ACF said that the attack which had been blamed on suspected Boko Haram Islamic sect members, was misguided as most of those who go to worship places to pray to God could be illiterates who were incapable of either reading or writing Arabic or English languages, saying that the bombing were offensive to both God and mankind.

National Publicity Secretary of ACF, Mr Anthony Sani who made the organisation’s position in a statement in Kaduna, also said that the Western education over which the Boko Haram was apparently fighting innocent people was not necessarily the cause of the collapse of national ideals, moral values and indiscipline in the polity, as there were both Muslim and Christian countries with western education that were morally sound.

ACF’s statement read, ”The spate of bomb lasts on Christmas day,which were directed at places of worships across some parts of the North is a serious source of concern to ACF; to Northern leaders and to the good people of the North; indeed,to patriotic Nigerians.

‘Source of concern not because past bombings were less serious but because those on the Christmas day are capable of diverting attention to religious crises that would serve no one, including the perpetrators,any good now and for a long time to come.

”Consequently,ACF calls on the perpetrators of violence to stop forthwith and avail themselves to due process of addressing perceived grievances that are in place.

”ACF also wishes to say that killing of innocent Nigerians is not correct and offends God and many people’s sense of justice. This is because, a good number of those who go to places of worship are not lettered in either Western or Islamic education.

”More so that, Western education is not necessarily the cause of the collapse of national ideals,moral values and cause of indiscipline in the polity,since there are examples of Muslim countries and Christian countries with western education that are morally sound.

”Turkey which belongs to the former and Nordic country of Norway belongs to the later.
”Nigerians of all faiths must therefore come together and confront corruption in all ramifications by inspiring cultural renaissance for collective good.

”Corruption in Nigeria is not an exclusive preserve of Western education but a national malaise that should be confronted by all,and not government alone.

”Enough of the bombings and killings of innocent Nigerians.

And finally,ACF commiserates with those who lost their loved ones and properties to the misguided destruction.

”The forum prays to God of peace to give them the fortitude to endure the loss and means of replacements many folds.

”And to the perpetrators to accept the offer of dialogue and constructive engagements by well meaning Nigerians and world leaders.”


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