Friday, December 30, 2011

Linda Ikeji is the 2011 Person of The Year

When Linda Ikeji began her self-titled blog back in 2006 a lot of people derided her efforts, saying it was merely a flash in the pan, bound to lead nowhere, with some even going as far as stating she ought to stick to her modeling career. Of particular note was a story done in National Encomium by popular gossip hag,  Stella Dimoko Korkus, in which she all but dismissed any chance of Linda’s newest venture having any success .

5 years down the line not only has Linda proven her critics wrong, but her blog has emerged as what is unarguably the most popular, visible and  commercially viable entertainment property in Nigeria’s corner of the Internet.

Whether it was something as serious as the Abia gang rape story which she brought to the attention of not only the government and people of  Nigeria, but also international media, including BBC, CNN and Al-Jazeera among others, something as irreverent as the sham marriage between Mercy Johnson and her Prince of dubious mien, or something as deeply personal as her various pronouncements on her sex life (or lack thereof),  Nigerians and friends of Nigeria could trust her blog to raise awareness and shape public perception of the subject at hand in a major way

In our case for example, we can’t even begin to count the number of times we’ve run across the office  proclaiming  ’did you see what she just posted’, and we know we are not alone in this regard. Nor can we begin to count the number of times we’ve seen and continue to see stories that she brought to light become the fodder for discussion across various internet fora, with debates raging for days on end.

Ultimately, for being a private citizen who has used the power of the keyboard to best shape Nigeria’s polity in 2011, 1976AD proudly declares Linda Ikeji the 2011 person of the year.

Source: LindaIkeji and 1976AD

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  1. nice post about her...she is successful because she has passion for what she is doing i hope in the next few months will climb to that rank and ill surely come here to read about it

  2. I hope to be like her 1 day

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