Monday, December 26, 2011

Meet Facebook Couple

Beauty, elegance and fashion were brought together under one roof to make the wedding of Temitope Jegede and beautiful Miss Toluwalope (daughter of Abiodun Toki, Chairman of Tom and Associates) a memorable experience last Saturday in Lagos. At the event were individuals with a penchant for quality..

The event itself was classy. That was evident from the...
gates of the hall to its interior. Guests were mostly clad in native attires of pink and ash; the colours of the day. The bride’s and groom’s kinsmen also wore uniformed colours.

The presiding Pastor of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Area 01, Oluyinka Gbajabiamila, officiated the union. He titled his sermon One Flesh, One Spirit, One God. “Look at the examples your parents have laid for you. Make as your quintessential example the bonding of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. If these three can be one in Heaven, God has commanded you today to have one spirit, one flesh and one blood,” he said.

The new couple beamed with smiles as they danced, each trying hard to out-dance the other on their way to the podium where a mini-tent decorated in white and ash stood to welcome them.  The couple later cut their pink and white three-step cake at the spelling of J-E-S-U-S.

The groom, Temitope Jegede, who was full of praises to the Almighty, recalled the encounter he had with his father-in-law and the journey so far. “It was like a reality show with series of interviews. I go to his office like every other week and we talked about so many issues of life. He wanted to know me and how intelligent I am, and I’m sure I surprised him. The interaction was very instructive for me. I learnt a lot.

“He is a great man and asked some very sensitive questions on how to project plans for his daughter. It was a good experience. I’m very excited and actually short of words. I’m so fulfilled and I know I have found a good thing. It’s been a very wonderful experience and I’m looking forward to a very wonderful life with her.

“We met through my very good friend, Deola. She mentioned her name to me, and I added her to my friends on Facebook. We got chatting and became friends, and here we are today. I chose her because she is a very wonderful lady with a kind heart. She is trustworthy and faithful and very beautiful. Luckily for me, God gave me the go ahead,” he said with confidence.

Assuring his wife, he said: “Welcome, Tolu, into my life. I know we will do a lot together and I’m going to be the best husband you can ever have. I’ll make your dreams come true. Thank you for loving me.”

Responding, the bride expressed her happiness. “We met through a mutual friend via Facebook and I have since known him to be funny and extremely caring. He is romantic and expressive. I am the calmer version of that,” she said.

Comedian First Born was the master of ceremonies, and he dished rib-cracking jokes out to the delight of guests.

Source: talkofnaija

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