Thursday, December 29, 2011

Who is Jihad on Christians? Lets find out

NIGERIA Christians underneath the auspices of the Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, Wednesday described the Christmas Day terrorists attacks on Christians and churches in Madalla, Jos, Damaturu and Maiduguri as a declaration of Islamic Jihad on Christians.

The leadership of will led by its President, Ayo Oritshejafor, in a very ready speech at a gathering last night with President Goodluck Jonathan, at the Presidential Villa, Abuja, blamed the attacks on Islamic, spiritual and ancient rulers for not publicly condemning the activities of the sect adding that its members might don't have any alternative choice than to fight back when attacked.

President Jonathan, in his response, however, involved calm, assuring that government was on prime of matters as some arrests are created and that they can soon be prosecuted.

While revealing that countries facing similar attacks have offered facilitate to Nigerians, he revealed plans to restructure and re-adjust his team which will meet with the challenges facing the state nowadays.

The will president who declared that they need lost confidence in government’s ability to guard Christians within the country, however, assured President Jonathan of CAN’s continuous prayers and support for his government to succeed.

President Goodluck Jonathan with Christian Association of Nigeria, will President, Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor throughout the meeting,Wednesday night at the State House Abuja.

The will ready text reads: “After consultation with Christian community that constitutes the bulk of the Nigerian population. I actually have been mandated to convey as follows:

“The Christian community in Nigeria is deeply sorrowed over the deteriorating state of insecurity within the  country and apparent inability of the govt to guard and guarantee lives, churches and properties of our members. Our hearts particularly goes out to the bereaved families of the 2011 Christmas Day bombings at Madalla, Jos, Damaturu and Maiduguri where over fifty christian trustworthy have reported to own been killed through the foremost recent attacks.

“The concern of the Christian Community is any heightened by the admittance by government itself that it's data of the perpetrators of those crimes, sadly there aren't any convincing high profile arrest to assuage public anxiety over this matter.

“Having reviewed the pattern, trend and frequency with that these terror crimes occur, it fits into the profile of Islamic Jihad over the years on the christian community, that properly are contextualized. it's thought-about as a declaration of war on Christians
and Nigeria as an entity.

“The Christian community has found the responses of the Supreme Council for Islamic affairs and alternative Islamic bodies on this matter to be unacceptable and abdication of their responsibilities over their extremist members. it's on record that almost all spiritual, ancient and political leaders within the North haven't set out brazenly to condemn the extremist activities of Boko Haram, we have a tendency to hold them answerable for what's happening, as a result of they need not taken concrete steps to visualize the excesses of their members.

“The Christian Community is quick loosing confidence in government’s ability to guard our rights to non secular liberties and life. The consensus is that the Christian community nationwide would be left with no alternative choice than to retort appropriately if there are any more attacks on our members, churches and properties. we have a tendency to want to reassure Mr. President of our continued support and prayers for the success of his government. Thank you, God bless you and bless Nigerians”.

President Jonathan who thanked the will leadership for the visit and therefore their commitment to prayers for the country and the government over this era, assured that his administration was on prime of matters.

“Let me categorical my personal condolence which of my family and indeed that of the govt and other people of this country to will for the Christmas incidents at the Madallah Church and people of Yobe and Jos and in fact to the families that lost their loved ones within the ugly incidents.

“I have listened attentively to the statement of will however let me once more reassure will and indeed Nigerians that any terror attack on anyone or structure during this country is an attack on all people as a result of terrorists don’t have boundary. that's why a number of them will even move to the intense of suicide bombing. You see someone throw an explosive into the market, he doesn't even care whether or not his father or mother is there”.

He described terrorism as ugly “that is why some folks described it as attack of the evil ones on an honest society. Yes, one can expect government to try and do additional and government can surely do additional. One issue I normally mention is that yes, we've been managing criminals during this country. the foremost ferocious are the armed robberies. we've never experienced armed theft before the civil war. it absolutely was once the civil war Nigeria started experiencing armed theft. Since then, government has been battling armed theft. But then, this terror attack is new to us however I will assure you that we have a tendency to do our greatest to create certain that we have a tendency to pass though it. alternative countries that have experienced it are serving to us. each African and non-African countries that have suffered attacks are helping. I encourage Nigerians to figure with government as a result of after we work along collectively, we are going to pass though it.

“The terrorists are personalities, they're not spirits, they live with us, they dine with us. we all know them, folks understand them. As long as Nigerians are committed to show them, we are going to pass though this ugly scenario. At the protection level, we have a tendency to do our greatest, we are going to restructure, we are going to re-adjust and check that we have a tendency to get a team which will meet with the challenge we have a tendency to face nowadays.

“When in December 2009, a Nigerians was caught in a very flight to US, we have a tendency to were all stunned and embarrassed. we have a tendency to thought such folks weren't living with us, that in all probability he was contaminated outside. currently we've come back to fulfill the fact that we've terrorists and even suicide bombers among us. we have a tendency to should fish them out, we have a tendency to solely raise for the cooperation of all Nigerians.

“And i'll plead with spiritual leaders, each Muslims and Christian leaders, to figure along as a result of terrorism is sort of a cancer to the body, it starts from somewhere and unfold to any or all the organs of the body. it's sort of a flood and a giant storm, it starts from somewhere and before you recognize, it goes to places you never expected. thus if anybody is dancing spherical and thinking that it's not its flip nowadays, it'll be worse off. therefore the neatest thing is for all spiritual leaders , opinion and ancient leader to not politicize the situation”.

source: Vanguard Nigeria

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