Saturday, October 20, 2012


WHY I BURNT MY HUSBAND AND MY BEST FRIEND. I believe so much in one man squad that's why I keep to my self all the time. All through my secondary school days, I never had a friend. I made up my mind not to have scared in this campus, and am glad am about to graduate sticking to my promise. One day,I went to a salon to make my hair,I noticed one girl,she was making everyone to laugh and fall from their chairs,including me

On monday morning,after early hour lecture,I felt a tap on my shoulder,I was surprise to see her.

"Am kemi,saw you at the salon on saturday"
" Am Titi" I answered

We exchanged pleasantries.
Kemi started coming close to me,initially,I was not comfortable with it. I set some secret tests of trust, she passed them.

I should give her a chance and broke out of my charade.

We started hanging out,partying and spending much time together. During one of our outings, i met Jide. At first, i didn't give him much attention,but as time goes on,I developed feelings for him.

After some months of initial gra gra(IGG), I gave in. Jide is the kind of guy that every girl will throw her self to, but I didn't fall so hard for him. Months later,we got married,I was happy to have two best friends that rock my world.

Six months later, I started having itching on my private part. At first,I ignored it,but after one week,the itching persisted. I went to hospital,the doctor diagnosed me of gonorrhea,and explained everything about it to me. I was so devastated, I recalled the funny sounds my husband make each time he is urinating which he always say is when I ask him.

I confronted Jide if he is having an affair, he denied it. So I decided to tail my husband,I have never picked my husband's phone for any reason,but I need to be sure he isn't cheating on me.

I saw love messages from Xgirl,I was worried but never confronted him. One morning, while he was in the toilet,I went through his messages only to see" meet me in my apartment,am free today,am waiting". My mouth entered inside my heart, but I put myself together and acted perfectly as a good wife that I am and got ready for the drama ahead.

When Jide left, I flaged down a cab after some minutes and tailed Jide. To my outmost surprise,he skipped the road to his office and diverted,"is that how much he need Xgirl,that he has to skip work" I was so curious. I almost had tachycardia when he parked infront of Kemi's apartment. I wept bitterly, I braced up myself,paid the cab man. I went close to the window after some minutes, I heard kemi saying" Jide,I love you so much". My heart ripped apart when Jide replied "I love you more,I will soon be all yours".

I left there and cried as I walked down the road, immediately my adrenaline surged up, I flagged down a motorcycle and bought fuel and a matches,I arrived five minutes later. I watched the motorcyclist leave,I spilled the fuel round kemi's rented boys quater in an uncompleted building,lighted the matches and left immediately.

As am writing this story, am in Ghana with my two months old baby girl to start a new life,because I promised myself that no one will hurt me and go away after death hurt me by taking my parents and brother away a year ago. Am managing my family business from ghana,as for Jide and Kemi,they got what they deserved.

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