Monday, September 3, 2012

Exposed, Boko Haram Has An 'Operational Base' In Rivers'

Exposed, Boko Haram Has An 'Operational Base' In Rivers': THE RIVERS STATE CHAIRMAN of Islamic Forum of Nigeria, Alhaji Musa Otto, has alerted the state government and security agencies on the presence of the insurgent Islamic sect, Boko Haram. Exposed, Boko Haram Has An 'Operational Base' In Rivers'

Alhaji Musa made the revelation in an exclusive interview with Nation Evening Express in Port Harcourt at the weekend.

He said the group has infiltrated the Muslim community in the state from riverside Bonny Island operational base, warning that it would soon begin a campaign of violence in the Niger Delta region.

Contrary to assurances by the police and security agencies, the Muslim cleric said IFN unearthed the presence of the Islamic militants - Boko Haram - (western education is a taboo), nearly two years ago.

Musa, an indigene of Elelenwo in Port Harcourt City Local Government Area, and member of the Moon-sighting Committee of Islamic Community in the state, said it was only a matter of time before members of the sect start to foment trouble.

He said: “There are no two types of Islam in insistence but there is a group known as Shiite. I have once reported to the State Security Services (SSS) of the existence of their members here in Rivers State. They built their Mosque at Bonny; I saw this during the voter registration exercise in Bonny in 2010/2011.

“They believe, preach and carry out violence; they are not Moslems and not of Islamic religion but they dress like Muslims. They have carried out a lot of violence, killing of Muslims in different parts of the world including, Saudi Arabia.

“Here in Rivers state, let me say it now again, maybe before it will happen. I saw their secretariat in Bonny; it was a fellow Muslim that showed me their mosque. I shouted and queried why they should be allowed to spring up in this state, to the extent that they have established operational base.

“You see, they left the entire upland and went to a place where they know that the people there do not know them and what they are up to, and set up their base. One day after they have gathered enough momentum, they will explode and begin to do what they are doing in the North; then Christians here will now say that Muslims are attacking them.

“When I came back I went straight and reported the matter to SSS but I don't know how far they have handled the issue. Those people are not people to be tolerated in the society, they are Boko Haram group," Alhaji Musa maintained.

Source: The Nation

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