Thursday, January 3, 2013

Psy May Be Quitting The "Gangnam Style" Dance For Good

Psy May Be Quitting The "Gangnam Style" Dance For Good: Psy May Be Quitting The "Gangnam Style" Dance For Good: The South Korean pop sensation performed in Times Square at New Year’s Rockin’ Eve, an MTV event hosted by reality stars Snooki and J Woww.

Before he helped ring in 2013, he told MTV News, “Being in Times Square on New Year’s Eve is already special — it’s the biggest stage in the universe — plus it’s my birthday, so, with all that, it may be the ending of ‘Gangnam Style.’

"I mean, what better way to do it? It’s my biggest and most meaningful birthday, “ Psy added.

The "Gangnam Style" video, since being uploaded in July, has over a billion views. "Gangnam Style" beat out "Baby" by Justin Bieber to take the No. 1 spot.

In November, Youtube Trend Manager Kevin Allocca wrote in a blog post, "Each day, 'Gangnam Style' is still being watched between 7 and 10 million times” and has “been a massive hit at a global level unlike anything we've ever seen before."

Psy’s "Gangnam Style" music video went viral after being posted on YouTube, with more than 130 million views from 220 countries around the world in less than two months, according to the Korean Herald.

In the U.S., the single broke into ITune's Chart Top 20, and Psy has performed the dance everywhere, from MTV's VMA Awards to the MTV Europe Music Awards.

Psy, whose real name is Jason Park, said he still has no idea how his song has taken the world by storm, in an interview with Ryan Seacrest. He has been singing in South Korea for 12 years and is a massive star there but calls himself a "rookie" when it comes to fame in America.

Although he plans to stop singing "Gangnam Style" in America, Psy said he still plans to take the hit song overseas.

“The song became too popular, and so you start to have some concern about its life period,” he told MTV News.

“I’m really working hard on a new single right now, and I’m not saying ['Gangnam'] is ending on ‘Dick Clark’ — I still have a lot of invitations to perform it … I’ll be in Paris, and in February I got invited to perform in China, and I’ve still got to do promo.

"So let me say that in America I need a new single because ‘Gangnam Style’ got too popular, so I’ve got to write a new single.”

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