Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Kelly Hansome Unveil New Mixtape ‘We Built America’

Kelly Hansome Unveil New Mixtape ‘We Built America’: Singer-Rapper-Producer Kelly Hansome has been off and on the entertainment grid for the last two years; His much talked about third album ‘Names of Noise Makers‘ is still yet to be released.

But Hansome has surprisingly hit us with new material – a 22 track mixtape – Heavy! The mixtape titled ‘We Built America‘ consists of previously released singles we thought would make his third LP, new covers and original compositions.

‘We Built America‘, scores a high mark with Kelly Hansome’s arrangement, brilliant remixing of older tunes and vocal performance. It’s interesting to hear him switch from singing to rap while he handles production - great talent.

Until he releases his next album, fans will overdose on this brilliant effort.

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