Monday, January 16, 2012

Militants Invade Crude Oil Platforms

As you read this, some militant youths in the oil-producing communities in Nigeria have surrounded several oil platforms in their area – particularly in Delta and Rivers States. What they intend to do is dangerous and have the capacity to take the ongoing crisis to a more dangerous dimension, a source added.

Their action is said to be inspired by the threat of...
PENGASSAN to embark on a total shutdown of oil platforms in the country in solidarity with organised Labour in the struggle to make life less difficult for ordinary Nigerians.

Last week, PENGASSAN leadership was said to have also raised an alarm that they were being threatened by some militants in connection with their decision to join the nationwide strike.

According to a reliable source, “the militants are positioning themselves to pump the crude oil.” Their action is predicated on the premise that the oil is on their land and as such if PENGASSAN leave they will move in and #OccupyNigeria The Oil Platforms.

This situation, according to those on ground, could get out of hand as few members of PENGASSAN on duty are no longer comfortable being surrounded by these militants.

Relevant authorities, especially the JTF, should please intervene and restore peace.

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